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A guidebook to the parallel universe, Arch Addo Lux Lucis.

(Or: Happy 17th birthday, Archie-the-brat-who's-obsessed-with-multiverses-space-physics-korra-and-shit-Wiranata).

Disclaimer: this is all fiction and possibly not even scientifically accurate. Apologies in advance.


In the year 2297, scientists discovered a parallel universe 20,101,997 light years away. When the news was released to the public, humanity was torn: should they rejoice in the endless possibilities a parallel universe supplied, or should they reject the possibilities vehemently? After fierce debates, political reforms and public revolts that lasted 5 years, humanity has reached a decision - they would ignore the parallel universe in favor of the constant, stable life they have built on Earth.

This decision surprised nobody. After all, change - especially drastic ones - has never been well-received. Most of the population was content to shrug and walk away from the issue, continue on with their lives, but there were some whose curiosity ate away at their consciousness, at their minds, at their entire beings.

Through secure networks and clever planning, they managed to gather the part of the population who cared. These misfits banded together, calling themselves the Archians, and secretly started researching the parallel universe.

They named the universe Arch Addo Lux Lucis, after the physicist, Archie Wiranata (1997-20xx).

This is the complete, uncensored collection of all their research logs.

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